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The Teen Magazine is a published magazine that have various stories written by the youth. The stories topics are individually generated by the youth. The youth can freely write about anything and everything without being ridicule.This magazine encourages kids to write and to express their thoughts and feelings. The magazine also includes some of our greatest leaders such as Mayor Steven M. Fulop, Senator Sandra Cunningham, Director Stacey Flanagan, Assembly Woman Angela V. McKnight, Police Director Tawanda  Moody and Superintendent of JC Board of Education, Dr. Franklin Walker,  just to name a few here in Jersey City. Teen Magazine would like to extend a special recognition to all the volunteers and sponsors that contributed to this program. 



Teen Mentoring / Magazine is designed for teens to express themselves, grow and learn from one another. Our program creates a friendly, no judgement zone which prepare our youth for academic, social and civic success for the future.  The Teen Mentoring / Magazine is eight-sixteen week program. This program is to guide teens through everyday situations by using life skills, reading and writing as a key element.
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